Webinaari: ”The Monetary Turning Point” by Joseph Huber

TD:n ruotsalainen sisarjärjestö Positiva Pengar järjestää prof. Joseph Huberin kirjan julkaisuun liittyvän webinaarin ke 19.4, klo 20-21.30:

”We live in exciting times. Private banks’ privilege to create money is challenged by new innovative types of digital money. Who will win the competition: the nation-state, private banks, or new financial companies issuing cryptocurrencies? What is really at stake here, and what can you do to make sure democracy wins over private profit interests?

To help you understand this power struggle, we have invited professor Joseph Huber who has just released a brand new book on the topic. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and ask your questions directly to professor Joseph Huber on our webinar Wednesday 19 April, 19 – 20.30 CEST (1 – 2.30pm ET). ”

Ilmottaudu webinaariin tämän linkin avulla!

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